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Trey Smith, owner of Cycle Therapy ( bike shop in Rome, Georgia has been promoting cyclocross races in and around Rome for the past 2-3 years. He was very successful in promoting the first Rome CX race at the levee, downtown two years ago and moved on to promote races at Barnsley Gardens in Adairsville. Last fall the Barnsley Gardens CX race was held under rainy, muddy conditions and combined with the beautiful venue, the race was memorable and a great success. Trey and his friend David Heath decided that they would offer a charity race to fill in for the Yargo CX race which was cancelled. The race was held at David’s house on Eden Valley Way in Rome. The farm was a perfect venue for a cross race: intimate, varied and full of possibility. David has a self- made motocross course on his farm as well as a paved loop around hi nerighborhood. The course design included those as well as his farm grounds. Dave and Trey got family and friends together to help out with the race and has some cooperation from the weather the night before to provide another muddy experience.

I dawned on Trey, David and I that this might be the perfect venue for a winter series. Trey and David decided to offer a free race the weekend after the Georgia Cross Series was finished and then 4 races in January. While the December race was cold but dry, the 4 races in January were exactly what you would want and expect for cross in January: snow, mud, chilling cold, wind, and driving rain. Each week we looked at the forecast and it seemed that Sunday’s were always in the weather cycle for nasty conditions. Each week Trey, David and his band of family and friend volunteers came out and put on a race no matter what the attendance. The emphasis was on FUN and with free beer, food, heated tents, baked goods, and other perks, all racers had a great time for the series.

I (Bob Kuhn) have been racing cyclocross since 2000. I started out at 33 on a steel Trek road bike and I had a friend weld brake bosses on so I could run cross tires. My first beginner race in Dallas, GA lasted 15 minutes as I flatted on course and had no idea about a pit. I was hooked even after 15 minutes mostly because of the sport itself and also because it reminded me of the atmosphere of mountain biking in the late 80’s, early 90’s–grass roots, and more like a family. I have been racing ever since and have had lots of ups and downs throughout the last 10 years. I have traveled around the US attending national championships and various UCI races and feel that I have gotten a nice idea of course design, how races are run well and what could be improved upon. Still racing, I hope to get feedback from other racers and enjoy the intense and frendly competition that exists in Georgia. I became a part of the RWCXS family in December as sort of a silent partner and will become more involved in 2011.

The Future

In January 2011 Trey, Myself and David will all contribute in putting on the next version of the Rome Winter Cyclocross Series (RWCXS). Trey has been working with Floyd County to access various parks in the area and he came upon a real gem: Lock & Dam Park. Just 9 miles south of Rome and a stone’s throw from David’s farm, this new venue will be very challenging and allow greater amenities for the racers. The RWCXS will be fully sanctioned by USA Cycling and GBRA in order to allow fluidity to the Georgia cross calendar, provide insurance, and be eligible for races like the state championships. We plan on making it more fun and a fantastic race experience. Look for heated VIP tents, showers, cash and prizes. With the unique position on the calendar, I would not be surprised to see regional and national talent making a visit in order to prepare for the UCI Masters and Elite World Championships in the next few years.


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Sunday, January 8

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Sunday, January 22

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