Results Race #1


Greg "Farmer G" powers off the front for the masters 45+ win!

Photo: Trish Albert (


Greg “Farmer G” Schisla powers off the front to win the masters 45+

Results are UP in the results section!

Trish Albert’s photos Can Be Found Here

Robert Milks Here

Ronnie Bratcher Here

Rome Tribune Here

If you would like to say a few words about the events yesterday or have photos to share email me at or post on our Facebook site. I will compile the best quotes and post here. Keep it 1-2 sentences.

Comments from Participants…

“I’ve been riding/racing bikes since September 1989. Today was the first time I started a mass start race, took the lead from the get go and finished in front. I know there are other 45+ riders who could beat me but they didn’t show up. Those that did fought for 2nd. On that note, I will go back to being my out of shape, 10 lbs. too fat self and wondering how the hell I pulled that one off.” ~ Farmer G

“toes are just now thawing out from the Rome Winter Cross race, but it was worth it!” ~ Kim S

“Awesome race today! Thanks!!” ~ Michele Z

“My first CX podium in the 1/2 race today….despite missing the start.” ~ Eddie O

“Next week attack that guy relentlessly instead of riding around with him, every time I saw you you didn’t look like you were hurting too much.” ~Tom B

“1st time as a CX spectator for me. ‘grats to all the combatants. I think I may actually try this next week…” ~ Michael H

“had a fun day at the first Rome Winter Cross race!!” ~Trish A


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Race Dates

Venue(s) to be released shortly.

Sunday, January 8

Sunday, January 15

Sunday, January 22

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