Pre-Registration Goes Online November 10th

November 10th we launch pre-registration on for the winter series. You will have the opportunity to register for a 3 race package at a discount or pre-register for each individual race.

Race Pack (non-elite classes): $50 for 3 races (savings of $15)

Race Pack (Cat 1/2 Men; Cat 1/2/3 Women): $70 for 3 races (savings of $10)

Individual race registration will also be available. For all non-elite classes, the first two races will be $20 each and the state championship race $25. For elite classes, the individual race cost for the first two races will be $25 and the state champ0inship race $30.

A second race category option will run  only $10 more for each day. Juniors race free.

Day of race registration will be at a penalty of $5.00 for each race.  All 3-pack registrations are Non-Refundable. Registration will close at 12:00AM on January 6th.

Links will be updated here as we go online.

In the meantime, support the Georgia Cross Series and stay a little hungry for more in January.


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Race Dates

Venue(s) to be released shortly.

Sunday, January 8

Sunday, January 15

Sunday, January 22

Proudly Sponsored By:

The Harbin Clinic Sports Foundation


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